3 Ways to Repurpose Your LB Bags


There’s nothing better than seeing that Little Bipsy Happy Mail bag arrive at your door or in the mailbox, right!? We see so many of you sharing your LB happy mail on social media and also so many of you asking about ways you can repurpose your LB bags, which we truly appreciate. The best thing about our LB  bags is that while they always bring you all so much joy, there are also so many ways you can repurpose them in your daily life to avoid tossing out another plastic bag! Keep reading to see some of the ways the team here at Little Bipsy likes to repurpose their bags.


1. Car Trash Bag/Dirty Clothes or Diaper Bag

We here at LB love repurposing our bags by keeping them in the car to hold smaller trash from the car like tissues, napkins, wrappers, etc. Not to mention, they also come in so handy for putting dirty clothes or diapers in as needed.


2. Car Snack and Toy Storage Bag

If you have toys scattered around your car and are looking for a way to keep them at least somewhat organized, our mailers are perfect for storing those too! And of course storing car snacks in one place as well to reduce clutter.


3. Pack for Traveling/Organizing Outfits

As a blogger myself, outfit planning for trips is so important! I always love to coordinate my outfits for a vacation, it really makes things so much easier to throw on and go in the mornings, and to avoid spending a lot of time deciding what I want to wear for the day. Plus it’s a much more cost effective (and environmentally friendly) way to travel organized rather than buying separate packing cubes and travel organizers. Pack some of our mailers for coordinating your own outfits, and for your kiddos and you’ll have so much more time to enjoy your vacation!


How do you like to repurpose your LB bags?



Written by Kelsie Mosebar