Behind the Scenes at Little Bipsy! How Our Clothing is Designed + Manufactured


Do you ever wonder how all of our clothing that you see on our website comes to be? There is so much that goes on behind the scenes here at Little Bipsy to make every single item we carry possible and we wanted to give you a preview of how our clothing, designs, and everything in between becomes made available to you.

With any small business, there is always so much happening behind the scenes and so much that goes into the brand that our customers don’t see. And we are often asked on our social media platforms, “Where are your clothes made?”, or “Where are your clothes designed?”, and so much more, that we wanted to give you all a preview into what the behind the scenes looks like here at Little Bipsy to make our clothing available to you!

Did you know that every single piece of Little Bipsy clothing is designed by our owner, Brittani? 

She is constantly coming up with new ideas and getting inspiration for new designs and she loves to take ideas from past designs, personally loved items, or items that received great feedback from our customers and make them a reality! She then gets samples made and decides on important design factors like the details down to the material, stitching, snaps, zippers, size, fit, and the list goes on.

Once her designs are complete, the process of putting them into production begins and  typically takes 2-4 month until they are made into reality and then shipped back to Little Bipsy HQ to be made available on our website for our shoppers!

For new designs, this whole process from start to finish can take up to a whole year to complete! This allows time to make any changes, set launch dates, and get product images ready for the website. 

Little Bipsy’s clothing is manufactured by a small, family-owned production and manufacturing team overseas that Brittani has become very close with over the years. And here at Little Bipsy, we are very fortunate to have such a valued relationship with our manufacturing team and consider them a huge part of our story and the LB family.

“Having a sincere relationship with your manufacturers is very uncommon and we’re so fortunate to have that relationship with them and all they do for Little Bipsy. The same team has been with us since the beginning and they are constantly assisting us as we improve design details, quality and sizing. Not only do they bring the clothing designs to life but they also help us with everything from our coloring books, totes, shipping mailers, and lots of other LB related goodies. I feel very lucky that I get to communicate with them daily via chat and facetime. After all these years we have built an incredible production team but more importantly a valuable friendship!” ~ Brittani Little

And that is the story of how our clothing is brought to life and becomes available to you, our loyal LB shoppers! Have any other questions on what the behind the scenes look like here at Little Bipsy? Shoot us a DM over on Instagram and maybe we’ll address it in one of our upcoming blog posts!

Written by Kelsie Mosebar