Your favorite styles + colors | The Conor Collection

 The Conor Collection. A comfortable classic, fan favorite for you + your little styler.

As we've shared before, Little Bipsy began when our owner, Brittani, was struggling to find modern basics for her firstborn, Conor. So she made her own! As our brand began with core pieces like kids' short sleeve hoodies, joggers and basic tees, originally inspired by Conor, so this collection is the perfect rendition of that because...


Little Bipsy is about to drop what so many of you have been waiting for! And all of these in three of your favorite colors: Pewter, Mushroom and Cotton.

Note: Because of the material difference our Bamboo Tee compared to our Short Sleeve Hoodie and Jogger are slightly different in Color. The Mushroom has the most difference. The Mushroom Short Sleeve Hoodie + Jogger are more brown, and the Mushroom Bamboo Tee is more grey.

  • Pewter: Perfectly matching the Jaxton Collection kids' tees and harem shorts. A cool-toned, dark grey.
  • Mushroom: A muted grey/brown.
  • Cotton: An off-white to light beige. Warmer in tone compared to our Frost color.

With the colors being said, let's take a look at them on the actual products + all the details!


Short Sleeve Hoodie | $28.00 to $30.00 USD | 0-3m through 10y


Adult Oversized Bamboo Tee | $35.00 USD | XS through XXL


Oversized Bamboo Tee | $23.00 to $25.00 USD | 0-3m through 10y

Jogger | $27.00 to $29.00 USD | 0-3 m through 10y



Boxer Brief 3-Pack: Pewter Camp Mix | $19.00 USD | 1-2y through 9-10y


And we can't forget about the socks! ⬇️

Sock 3-Pack: Pewter Mix | $16.00 USD | 0-6m through 8-10y

We're gearing up for the Conor Collection and are so ready to get your favorites out of our warehouse and into your little styler's closets. 

Happy shopping!

- The LB Team ❤️