Something Cozy This Way Comes! | Fall Launch Eight Sneak Peek

I don’t know about you, but each new season I become obsessed with a certain item of clothing and for the fall and winter, it’s any and all types of outerwear! Coats, jackets, cardigans, flannels, leathers and knit, I love them all. Next week’s launch on October 18th @ 10am PST,  is doing nothing short of feeding my recent outerwear obsession and I can’t wait to share it with you! So let’s dive right in!

“Imperfect” Adult Hooded Flannels

$30.00| Available in sizes S-XXL

 Surprise! We’re releasing the Mushroom and Pewter Adult hooded flannels that match your mini’s from launch 6! The main reason they are considered “imperfect” has to do with sizing issues. The hoodies were made with incorrect measurements, and there isn’t enough difference between each size. So when shopping for your hoodie, we recommend going up a size or two depending on the look you’re going for. It’s also important to note that these are 100% cotton and will shrink during wash. Both imperfect hoodies will only be available online.


Fleece Lined Puffer Vest

Adult: $55.00 USD | Available in sizes S-XXL

Children’s: $40.00-42.00 USD | Available in sizes 0-6 to 9-10

You and your little styler will stay warm all season long in our new fleece lined puffer vests! These vests are lined with an extra layer of fleece on the inside that’s designed to take on winter’s upcoming chill and come in three colors; Black, Camel and Ice. So you’ll both be ready to take on any snow day headed our way!


Relaxed Fit Distressed Denim

Price in USD: $34.00-36.00 | Available in sizes 0-3 to 9-10

Outerwear has first place in my heart this season, but a good pair of denim jeans is always a close second. Meet the new style of denim we’re adding to our collection! The new relaxed fit distressed denim is just as they sound. Made with the same four-way stretch material, to keep your little styler on the move and comfortable all day long, but designed with a slightly wider leg that tapers down toward the ankle. 



Flannel Shacket (In Store Only!)

Adult: $52.00 USD | Available in sizes S-XXL

Children’s: $42.00-44.00 USD | Available in sizes 0-3 to 9-10

Alright, let’s address the flannel shacket wearing elephant in the room. Our Toasty and Ash shackets were supposed to be included in this launch, as I’m sure many of you know. However due to a combination of the high demand from our amazing retailers and the rest of our shacket shipment being stuck in customs somewhere, we find ourselves here at HQ and Texas without enough product to launch online this Tuesday.

But not all hope is lost! Our retailers who have received our flannel shacket WILL be launching them, and that includes our Edmonds store! So, long story short, for the time being the flannel shackets will only be available in store and launched on our website at a later date. We’ll keep you posted!


We owe a huge thank you to our retailers for their support and dedication to Little Bipsy, and of course to all of our incredibly loyal customers for your continued support and for granting us patience when we run into little bumps in the road like this one. The journey isn’t always a smooth one, but we appreciate you coming along for the ride!


Ok, so a quick recap to close this out; Tuesday, October 18th @ 10am PST We’ll be launching our sherpa vests for adults and kids, the Imperfect adult hooded flannel and the relaxed fit distressed denim jeans online and in store. Our flannel shackets for both kids and adults will be launched in store only through our various retailers as well as the Little Bipsy Edmonds store. Check the link below to locate a retailer that carries LB near you, and keep an eye on the blog for more updates! 


See you soon!

Written by Noël Nephew


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