Plush in sizes for the whole fam!

Who's excited for more plush blankets?! 


And now there's no need to be jealous of our littles because these come in sizes for the whole fam.

And pssst...this is just the start! 🤫😉

The colors:

  • Aloe + Aloe Check. That sweet, refreshing green that goes great with a floral or Dino-themed bedroom!
  • Cloud. A neutral + soft cream color perfect for wrapping your little in.
  • Frost + Frost Check. A cool + neutral grey that matches almost any theme!



Check 'em out below!



Aloe Check


Frost Check


The sizes:

  • Little: 15in x 19.5 in
  • Toddler: 30in x 38in
  • Throw: 51in x 63in


Wrap yourselves in these adorable, plush blankets this season!!