Love, Little Bipsy (A Letter from Us to You)

Well guys, it’s been a CRAZY ride since the Little Bipsy Collection launched into the world of Ecommerce in March of 2016. I look back and think “wow, it’s barely been two years”—and let’s be real, without all of you and all of your support we wouldn’t be here right now.

Up until four months ago, Little Bipsy was a one woman show until a lovely new mama by the name of Taylor Wright decided to lend her talents and join me in taking Little Bipsy to the next level! Not only is Taylor incredibly kind, nurturing, and sweet human being and rockstar mama, but she is also a driving force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting out all those crazy amounts of orders that come in. Did I mention that she’s also an extremely skilled designer and graphic artist? Now that she’s here, I can’t imagine doing this without her! But let’s back up a bit, if we haven’t already met, please allow ME to introduce myself. My name is Brittani, AKA “Little Bipsy”, as nicknamed by my late Grandfather, and for those of you that aren’t quite familiar with my/our story, here’s a little refresher:

The idea for Little Bipsy came to me soon after my son Conor was born and I discovered my newfound passion for all things baby + toddler—especially fashion! In fact, Little Bipsy first began with selling my son’s lightly used clothing on Instagram under the name of “Conor’s Closet”. I soon decided to part ways with my 12 year career in the dental field to pursue my dream of curating an amazing collection of my favorite labels all while staying home with my little guy. Well, one thing led to another, and after lots of late, LATE, nights listening to Awesome with Alison (a favorite podcast of mine) over and over, super long days, and a ridiculous amount of hustle! Four shoe designs and a clothing line later, Little Bipsy has experienced growth of more than 800% since we first launched! Yep, you read that right, EIGHT HUNDRED PERCENT in less than two years time!

I want to pause right here, to say a big THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you that have collaborated, dreamed, networked, supported, and shopped with us! At the start of all of this, I made it my goal to never turn down a collab, reached out to people that I knew I had no chance of hearing back from, and sought to foster a social community involving and supporting as many small businesses as I could in the interest of helping others grow along with me and share in each other's successes! There are so many mamas and small businesses that it has been my great honor to support (with no expectations) and they have supported me back! Just like so many other small shops, Social Media is 94% of my business, so believe me, I know how real the struggle is and I mean it when I say that your support is EVERYTHING to me!

Not only is all of the support I have received incredibly overwhelming and humbling, it is what inspires me to continue every day, even during the times that I feel I’m coming up short.

 It truly is difficult for me to express exactly how grateful I am, and seriously guys, this community is so incredibly important to me and I am honored (and humbled) that you all have allowed Little Bipsy to be a part of your little styler’s growth! Little Bipsy is not just a brand to me, it is the core of my passion, the embodiment of my dreams, and most importantly, a social community driven by supporting and building up others—especially mamas and their little ones!

Sending lots of hugs, kisses, and best wishes to you all and your little Valentines!  

Love Always,

Brittani (Little Bipsy) & Conor and Taylor & Nixon