Making their DEBUT | Plush Little Blankets

Did you have a beloved ‘Blankie’ growing up? We loved them, even after we quickly outgrew them. Watch our Plush Little Blankets find their way into your little one’s hearts faster than they can outgrow them!


These adorably-sized (measures 15x19.5 in) and incredibly soft blankies come in five colors:

Price: $18.00 USD 


Fun fact: Did you know it took LB Founder + CEO Brittani nearly 16 months to get these blankets into production?

Talking about the process, Brittani said this product is one she wholeheartedly believes in, and that it was truly put to the test by her own little ones.

After over a year of use in her own home, these blankets continue to hold up to their original quality + comfort!

Here at LB, we are so excited to get these blankets out of our warehouse and snuggly-wrapped around your little ones. Get yours Thursday, April 13, at 10 a.m. PST!