Little Bipsy Gifting Faves for Mamas

Although it can seem impractical and extremely low priority to indulge in something like a purse as a mom, let us just say that the handbags from 2x4 Los Angeles definitely present a “treat yo’ self” moment! Not only are 2x4's designs unique and stylish, they are also simple, and ideal for mamas on the go! We’re all about supporting small businesses at Little Bipsy, and this is another reason why we love 2x4 Los Angeles! Designed and handcrafted in Southern California by one-woman show, Anna Adams, every bag from 2x4 bares its own distinct beauty and authenticity. We know it’s a HUGE hassle to have a hobo bag or large tote over your shoulder when you have a baby and diaper bag to carry around. Luckily, 2x4’s Olive Cross Body Bag is the ultimate solution for keeping necessities within reach without adding extra strain to your already heavy mama load. Its lightweight size makes it perfect for easy-carry storing of necessities like your wallet, phone and keys. With one exterior back pocket, one interior pocket, a magnetic snap for secure closure, and fully adjustable leather strap, the Olive Cross Body is an ideal (and fashionable) everyday bag for mamas on the go! Snag one during 2x4's Black Friday Sale (11/24-26) with code: BLACKFRIDAY to save 20%! 


Every mama needs a pair of go-to stylish sunglasses! Brightside Eyewear founder, Kevin Pugarstarted the company with the mission of offering designer quality sunglasses for men and women without the steep price tag. Basically, you could say this guy understands that every dollar counts—especially when you’re a mama. Well ladies, we had the honor of testing out a pair of Copeland sunnies and not only were they a great fit, we dare say that they were better quality than several large labels that cost upward of a few bills. With their simple design and sleek appeal, we know you'll soon be a fan! And be warned, if you’re considering purchasing as a gift for someone else, you’ll probably wind up keeping them for yourself. Nothing wrong with treating yourself! Plus, if you shop Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you'll get an additional 30% off on all styles with code: "HAPPY" :) 

Although greeting cards are most popular during the Holidays, they are pretty necessary all year round with all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions that constantly pop up. Bottom line, it's a great idea to have a stash of cards on hand to remember those you care about. While the standard greeting card can be pretty generic, Fiber & Dye’s approach to making cards is anything but ordinary. With witty puns and original and unique artwork from founder, Lisa Aihara, every card is made with a specific person in mind.  Quite honestly, we’ve come a bit close to placing a few of their cards in a frame instead of an envelope to add a splash of fun to our home decor. Isn't that what you do with great art? Anyway, we decided to make a quick list of people that we found the perfect card for instead! Go ahead and give Lisa's shop  a gander! We know you'll find more a couple of items for some very special people!







In need of a vacation? With a candle from Cote Candle Company, you can make your home smell like a vacation destination! Made in the heart of Los Angeles, California, in a town called Pasadena, every handmade scent from Cote Candle tells a story. If you've been dreaming of a trip to sunny CA then the scent of a California Citrus or La La Land candle will bring you darn close! OR if you happen to prefer a more traditional fragrance with a modern twist, we recommend Lavender Sweet Tea or Orange Wood. Each candle is handmade using 100% soy wax, unique fragrance oils, and  lead-free cotton-core wicks, which are then hand-poured into reusable, beautiful apothecary amber and clear glass jars. While definitely too heavy for a stocking stuffer, a candle from Cote is a thoughtful and luxurious gift you’ll be glad you added to your Holiday wish list!


Let’s face it, the Holidays are STRESSFUL—especially for mamas. While you may not be able to get away to a spa, we strongly suggest you pamper yourself with some goodies from Poppy & Pout. Founded in 2014, Poppy & Pout produces luxurious and high quality bath and body products that are 100% natural, never tested on animals, and cruelty free. You’ve probably even seen their extremely chic and eye-catching packaging calling your name while browsing major retailers like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. With products ranging from soothing facial oils and dry shampoos to hydrating body scrubs and lip balms, Poppy & Pout is at the top of our list of stocking stuffer necessities! Shop during Black Friday to save 30% off sitewide—AND if your purchase is among one of the first 50 orders they will throw in a surprise gift!


If you’re anything like us, chances are you have a never ending list of things to do and need a bit of help getting organized. However, in an era where everyone puts their entire lives into some type of electronic device, we’re a bit old fashioned and prefer to WRITE things out. There’s something about the written word that helps commit things to memory a bit more and having the perfect planner makes all the difference. Enter Hadron Epoch—a design studio based in Los Angeles that creates planners, journals, notebooks, and other practical lifestyle items made to simplify your daily routine. With a modern and clean aesthetic (which is pretty much what we’re all about at Little Bipsy), Hadron Epoch designs each high-quality product with clean lines, refreshing colors, and out-of-the ordinary patterns. Browse their Holiday Shopping Event and save 15% sitewide on any purchase over $20 made between 11/23 and 11/27 with promo code: "HOLIDAYFUN"!


Any other mamas OBSESSED with taking family photos and endless snaps of their little ones? We’re pretty sure you've had the “out of storage” notification pop up on your smart phone due to a photo library overload. While taking photos on your phone is simple and easy, we recommend going retro and investing in a quality instant camera from the photography experts at Lomography. Haven’t heard of them? Lomography embodies a lifestyle of excitement, interaction, collaboration, and creativity through the expressive art of photography.  Simply put, they are an organization dedicated to analogue, experimental, and creative photography with an active community of millions of followers around the world.  Thanks to the kind team at Lomography, we were lucky enough to try out an instant camera called the Lomo’ Instant Wide and its pretty much become our new companion everywhere we go. Doesn’t taking instant photos of your kids sound fun? We were super excited to take our selfie game to a whole new level with the Lomo’ Instant Wide and are now on the verge of starting a special scrapbook to catalog all the silly family moments we captured as a result! We aren’t photographers by any means over here, but the Lomo’ Instant Wide possesses a variety of features to further enhance the quality of your instant photos and gives you everything you need to explore your own creativity. Whether taking close up photos of your little one’s smile or capturing a beautiful landscape during a family vacation, this ultra-fancy and super handy camera will spark your inner photographer in every environment and every moment. Purchase your very own Instant Camera and shop the Lomo Black Friday Sale through 11/24 for sitewide savings up to 50% off!


For all you mamas hoping to get a camera from Santa this year, a travel bag from Vinta Co. is exactly what you’ll need to safely store it while juggling your kids and other baggage. Vinta’s standard S Series Travel Bag (featured below) is designed to hold your DSLR camera + 3-5 lenses in a compact way, while also accommodating a range of other items—including a nifty slot to secure a 15” inch laptop! We’re all too familiar with the hustle of work-from-home life, and Vinta Co. has definitely made toting necessary mom-boss items simple! In addition to the S Series, Vinta JUST launched a kickstarter this week to debut their latest bag design, the Type II. This NEW bag serves two primary functions as a camera pack and a travel bag. Both packs are easily removed and ready to be switched out at any time. In addition to its ability to store 15’  inch laptops, the Type II has expandable side pockets with more space to store goods, AND a side attachment with straps equipped to carry a tripod. We highly recommend you give their kickstarter a look and be one of the first to own this sleek and stylish design!


We’re all about supporting talented women with a passion for design around here, and that’s why the nifty products from Curio Wolf are among our faves! With backgrounds in merchandising, design, ecommerce, and business management, friends, Katie and Summer, founded Curio Wolf in 2016 as a creative outlet for their passion for art and design! Gaining inspiration from intricate and quirky elements of the natural world, both ladies have created beautifully crafted goods that make fun and useful gifts for any special mama! Not sure where to start? Take a look at the Rufus Tuff Pouch—perfect for housing makeup, toiletries, or a stash of essential oils! Shop through Black Friday and save 30% on select items, like the Rufus Tuff Pouch (featured below) with code: BF30NOW. 


Every mama needs a baby carrier, and with so many to choose from, finding the perfect one can be a difficult task. Allow us to weigh in and offer a nudge in the direction of Sakura Bloom and their beautiful variety of baby wearing products. Sakura Bloom are the makers of the finest quality Ring Sling and Onbuhimos currently available on the baby carrier market. Never heard of an Onbuhimo? We hadn’t either! An Onbuhimo is a traditional Japanese style baby carrier that is soft, lightweight, and made to be worn high on the back. The lovely ladies at Sakura Bloom kindly allowed us to test one out from their Theory Collection and we instantly fell in love! The unique waistless design can be used with babies 15-35 pounds who are able to sit unassisted, and can be worn comfortably in the front or back with ease! All Onbuhimos are crafted to perfection in Sakura’s coastal workshop in San Diego, California, using the finest quality fabrics and sustainably sourced materials. Join Sakura Bloom in kicking off the Holidays by shopping their 11 Years of Thanks Sale to save 20% on one of their dreamy Ring Slings or Onbuhimos! Just use code: "11daysofthanks" at checkout! 


Dual-purpose items make all the difference when you’re a mama with a baby. All too often, us moms sacrifice our own comfort, security, and privacy in pursuit of practicality. Yet, when it comes to our little babes, we will go the extra mile to ensure their well-being at any cost. Well, thanks to Milk Snob, you can cater to yours and baby’s needs with multi-functional covers made for flexible use on car seats, shopping carts, high chairs, and even as a cover for nursing! Made from a soft, lightweight, and breathable blend of rayon fabric, all covers are manufactured in the USA and designed to protect against harsh sunlight, wind, and unwanted onlookers. With covers that are modern, stylish, and easy to use, you’ll find that Milk Snob offers the highest quality in design, and is most definitely a worthwhile investment towards the comfort and privacy of you and your baby. Snag a cover at 30% off with code: “Thanks3017” during their Black Friday Sale event from 11/23 through 11/24.



Interior decorating is a serious form of therapy when you’re a busy mom—especially during the Holidays. Well, whether you’re curating the look of your living space or your little’s bedroom, a rug from Lorena Canals will be the cherry on your home-design-project sundae. Lauded by celebrities around the globe for  providing the perfect stylish accent to any home, Lorena Canals rugs are unmatched in quality, softness, and their conscious approach to design and production. Handcrafted with all-natural dyes by non-child artisans, Lorena Canals follows safe textile and manufacturing processes. In fact, each rug undergoes rigorous testing to meet certification standards by the AITEX to ensure that all products are safe for contact with newborns and children. And if you’re worried about spills or stains, there is absolutely no need! All rugs from Lorena Canals are 100% Cotton Machine Washable and super simple to clean. When you have a home bursting with toddler shenanigans, anything that is easy to wash is a pure God send! We love Lorena Canals so much we even carry a broad selection of Little Bipsy favorites on our site! 
Has anyone else heard the phrase “throw pillows are the stuffed animals of grown women”? We stumbled across this truth bomb through a meme off some mommy Instagram, and to be honest, we could not agree more. So, now that we’ve dropped this revelation on your lap, we would like to confess our obsession with the throw pillows by Linen & Ivory. Founder, Kendra Farmer, started her business six years ago as a creative outlet that quickly turned into a full-time job. Now, Kendra works alongside a team of eight other talented women that help bring her ideas to life. By thriving off each other's creative abilities and passions, Linen & Ivory has become a business fueled by the passions of mamas who are able to do what they love while being with their families. Have we sparked your curiosity yet? We hope so! Head on over to Kendra’s shop and take a peek at her adorable and whimsical throw pillows! We’re sure you’ll find more than a few to add to your Christmas decor. Plus, if you shop during Black Friday you can save 25% with code: “TIMETOSHOP”. 
If you prefer tea over the typical mommy go-to (coffee), or are looking for a cozy gift to enhance your much needed and well-deserved R&R time, we can’t gush enough about our love for all things ceramic by Betsey Carter. Betsey is an exceptionally skilled ceramics artist and creates each piece with the goal of making useful and beautiful objects suited for everyday life. Though Betsey creates a vast assortment of exquisite items, we can't get over her gorgeous tea sets.  Simple, chic, modern, and classy, Betsey’s teapot, and sugar bowl and creamer pieces are not your typical mundane household items. Instead, Betsey’s design and authentic craftsmanship put us in a dilemma of whether we should add to our home décor and display the tea set as fine art, OR—live make teatime a mandatory part of our weekly routines. While we certainly aren’t tea or art snobs here, all we can tell you is that this tea set is a practical and unique gift, sure to be relished by any mama with a love for beautiful and useful things!






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