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There’s something so refreshing about that first foggy morning of fall. After soaking up the sun’s rays in the summer months, waking up to the gentle mist of a fall morning is something I look forward to. It feels like being given permission to slow down, take a deep breath, and sit in gratitude while you embrace the change of the coming months. This is what our upcoming launch Tuesday October 11th at 10 am PST,  is all about. Allowing yourself a moment of peace in something comfortable to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for. This Launch is simple and sweet, but carries a big message. 

The Gratitude Crewneck

Adults $40.00 USD | Available in sizes S-XXL

Children’s $30.00-32.00 USD | Available in sizes 0-3 to 9-10

The Gratitude crewneck is just as it sounds. A pocket pullover style sweatshirt in our new fall color ‘Fog’ with “Gratitude” written across the chest. The neutrality of our fog color makes this piece very easy to style, it goes with almost everything. You could pair it with darker toned neutrals or add a subtle pop of color with a flannel around the waist! These are the same cozy material used in the pocket pullovers in our Bro/Sis/Bud collection, so you and your littles ones will definitely stay warm with or without any extra layers. 


Fog Joggers

Adults $39.00 USD | Available in sizes S-XXL

Children’s $26.00-28.00 USD | Available in sizes 0-3 to 9-10

You and your mini can embrace those foggy autumn mornings in our new Fog color joggers. These are a little thicker than our joggers in previous launches and lined with an extra plush material guaranteed to keep you both extra cozy during those foggy morning walks. The perfect combination of our core jogger style and our classic sweat pant feel.


It’s said that sitting in gratitude as a practice in meditation each day has beneficial effects. (I’ll link some articles on gratitude exercises at the end of this blog post.) What are you grateful for?  We can’t express enough how all of us here at LB are so grateful for all of you. For sticking with Britt and her vision and helping the company grow. We’ll see you here on launch day, Tuesday October 11th at 10 am PST.



Written by Noël Nephew


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