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Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center

Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center is a single location that provides ALL the core services needed by child victims of physical or sexual abuse so that families only have to go to one place to receive everything they need to be safe, to seek justice, and to heal. 

“We show kids who’ve been sexually and physically abused that they deserve to be happy, and we help them see how….”

~ Mark Roe – Board of Directors

Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving child victims of sexual or physical abuse in Snohomish County, Washington (Population: 770,000). Law enforcement, child protective services, medical health care, victim advocacy, prosecution, and mental health agencies all work together at Dawson Place to deliver the very best services to children and their families victimized by sexual or physical abuse. We have cared for over 11,000 children since opening our doors 11 years ago.

Dawson Place provides comfort for children caught up in a chaotic situation by welcoming them into a child friendly setting that promotes healing. Children and families benefit from having a single point of contact with many agencies in one place. Intervention and treatment in child abuse cases is strengthened as a result of having many disciplines working together toward the common goal of protecting and healing children.

There is a significant need for the services provided by Dawson Place. One in ten children will be victims of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. In Snohomish County, there are potentially 36,000 children in need of intervention and treatment services. Dawson Place addresses these issues by implementing tested and effective child-centered services and treatment.

Dawson Place serves approximately 23 new child abuse victims per week; averaging 1,160 per year. We are an accredited Child Advocacy Center through the National Children’s Alliance (NCA). During our most recent accreditation,  the NCA was “highly impressed with our skilled staff, carefully-coordinated and integrated services and the quality of care received by abuse victims and their families.” They stated that Dawson Place is “one of the best Child Advocacy Centers in the nation”.