Behind the Scenes at Little Bipsy HQ! Processing + Packaging Orders


We are so thankful for our Little Bipsy shoppers and all of the support we receive from you all, because none of what Little Bipsy is today would be possible without you and your orders! We wanted to give you all a preview into what the behind the scenes look like here at LB with how our team processes and packages each and every order that shows up in your mailbox or at your front door!

The fulfillment process begins as soon as you, our wonderful customers, submit your online orders through our website. The orders are processed through Shopify, our point of sale system, and then to Shiphero, our shipping system, to be fulfilled.  

Each morning, our Fulfillment Specialist Lead, Silence, comes in to see how many orders there are for the day and if any orders need to be merged. Here at Little Bipsy, we merge orders if there are multiple orders going to the same address so that you get all of your LB Goodies in one package!

We have a fulfillment team made up of eight amazing ladies who show up each day to process and package each LB order that comes through our systems with care and ship out as quickly as possible to our customers. Right now, we have four full-time Fulfillment Specialists and three part-time Fulfillment Specialists, and one Manager that helps where needed.

Once the fulfillment team arrives at HQ, they split into teams of packers and pullers for the day. Pullers are responsible for iPad’s to pull orders from and can pull 16-20 multi-batch orders at a time on racks that they pull through the warehouse, or single batch orders that have one or two of the same item. When a rack is full, it is handed off to one of our packers who are responsible for scanning the tote baskets with all of the items from that order. The order pulls up in Shiphero showing the items that need to be packed and once each item in the order is scanned, they enter the final step in the fulfillment process - packaging!

Here at Little Bipsy, we are truly thankful for our customers and we love to show our gratitude by packaging each order with a personalized thank you card and complimentary Little Bipsy coloring book (when available). Our packers choose the type of package needed for each order, whether it needs a mailer bag or box, and prep for shipping!

Packaged orders ready for shipping are sorted by which delivery service label is printed. We use USPS for most packages under 16 oz. and FedEx Home/Ground for most boxes. However, depending on addresses in an instance where we need to ship to a PO Box, USPS is the only carrier we use in such instances. We also use FedEx Express for most International orders. 

After each step in the process is finished and the package is in the hands of the carrier, that is when you receive that email notification that your order has shipped! After a rack is completed, the packers move on to the next rack or complete a single batch which is packaged the same way as a multi-batch order and the whole process repeats.



Written by Kelsie Mosebar