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Our Story


Welcome to The Little Bipsy Collection, your one-stop shop for all things hip + modern for your LITTLES. The idea behind Little Bipsy came about when I was pregnant with my son. I found myself loving and adoring EVERYTHING baby! I was instantly drawn to small shops who were creating one-of-a-kind products with style and quality in mind. It gave me the idea to start up a little shop of my own, but it didn't go much further than that at the time. After having my son April of 2015, I left my career in the dental field and chose to be at home with my little babe. Quickly realizing my identity was escaping me, I needed to find something that made me feel like my own person again all while having my little dude by my side. I started up an IG shop selling my sons unworn and gently used clothes (Conors_Closet), loving it, my idea quickly became more than I ever would have imagined. I began to reach out to some of my favorite shops/brands and told them of my idea behind Little Bipsy, it was a hit! I took some of my personal favorites and the most popular items and turned it into a one-of-a-kind collection.... "The Little Bipsy Collection".


I have been asked so here it is.... I (Brittani) am the original "Little Bipsy". It was my nickname given to me by my grandpa when I was just a baby. I went everywhere with my mom, so he started by calling me "little gypsy" soon turning into "Bipsy", I am guessing because my name started with a "B". My Grandpa passed when I was 19, but the name stuck with me and has always had a very special meaning in my heart. So when the time came to name my shop.... well, it was a no-brainer!