Mission Gratitude Giveback | How You Can Help Parents + Newborns

Hello Lovelies! Brittani here, 
I shared with my team a few years back that Little Bipsy is meant to be more than just a brand, more than the clothes I design, and more than what is seen through the social eye. I am on this journey for a greater good and and through your support and my sincere gratitude, my heart has been called on a mission, to serve, to share and to make a difference.

This Gratitude Giveback is inspired by the song “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake, alongside a vision to bring light and encouragement. This December we will be launching our “welcome Home Newborn Gift Box” that will be given to every mom and new born baby that comes through the NICU and birthing center here at one of our local hospitals in Everett WA. This hospital is specifically close to my heart because it’s where I have had the absolute blessing of giving life to both my littles and soon to be my third. I know that every story is so different as we embark on the journey of motherhood, fatherhood and parenting. Some may experience the most magical moment and feel as if every dream came true as your beautiful baby entered the world. There is also the very real reality of trauma, unexpected hurtles and unimaginable events. No matter your story and your circumstances, we want to be able to encourage you on this new journey, offer our support, and give you love and hope.

Your support has already allowed us to make this vision a reality, and for every order from this Gratitude launch (Oct 11th | 10am PST) you will be fully funding a Little Bipsy gift box that will be directly donated on your behalf to the NICU and birthing center. We have already pledged to directly donate 700 gift boxes to the NICU, and from there, plan to reach close to 8,000 newborn boxes in the coming year.

I can’t thank you enough for coming alongside us and making this dream possible! My heart is overfilled with Gratitude and I am continually humbled to be on this journey, given by God’s grace and your support 🤍.

XO - Brittani + The LB Team
Keep an eye on the blog + our socials for future details & updates!